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Germans Raise Steins to Oktoberfest, and Drunk Driving?

Chancellor Angela Merkel and her fellow German politicians gathered in Berlin yesterday to kick off that city's beer festival. Beer lovers will tap Munich on Saturday, when Oktoberfest officially begins.

Guenther Beckstein, the governor of Bavaria, which includes Munich raised eyebrows recently when he said, "If one drinks the two liters over six or seven hours at the Oktoberfest, it is still possible" to drive. He's now retracted those potentially irresponsible comments.

Political opponents hope that Beckstein's statement on drunk driving could help them defeat him in elections on September 28.

Now that would be sobering!

Bavaria's state governor Guenther

Bavaria's state governor Guenther Beckstein and Markus Soeder, new Minister for Federal and European Affairs

Andrea Nahles, vice-chairwoman of Germany's Social Democrats SPD party and Bavaria's SPD top-candidate Franz Maget

Bavaria's state governor Guenther Beckstein and German Chancellor Angela Merkel


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