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To Gift Or Not To Gift?

Dear Sugar
Two of my college professors wrote me very kind recommendations for graduate school. I know professors write recommendations all the time, but I also know they are very busy people so I'd like to write them both thank you notes or do something a little bit more special and personal for them.

I don't want to seem inappropriate, I just really appreciate their help. Since I am still in their classes and final grades have not been given, is getting them a gift crossing the line? I'd like this gesture to be received as a gift and not be mistaken as a bribe! Grateful Gina

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Dear Grateful Gina
Since you are still a student of each professor, I think your thank you note will suffice. You are technically not supposed to know what your professor wrote in his/her recommendation, so a present might be slightly inappropriate at this time. If you are still inclined to show your gratitude, graduation is a good time to give an appreciation gift.

A meaningful book or an engraved paperweight are some ideas. My ever trusty go-to website for presents is Red Envelope - which is always filled with terrific gift ideas if you need a little help. If these ideas seem too generic, then a fine bottle of wine is always a nice gesture. However, in this instance, I happen to think a heartfelt thank you note is the most meaningful gift of all.

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