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Deluxe Comfort Boyfriend Body Pillow ($40)

"Because you can't cuddle a cheesecake. Trust me, I've tried."

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Funny Way to Say Netflix ($27)

"This tank top is funny, cute, true, and comfortable. It couldn't get any better than that, unless it came with a box of pizza."

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Pill Dress ($80)

"This dress will show everyone what I look like on the inside!"

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Red Panda Onesie ($64)

"I don't think it would be an ideal start to the holiday season to break into London Zoo to have a cuddle with a real Red Panda. It would probably end with a not-so-flattering prison issue ensemble. I want this adorable onesie to help me hibernate through the post Christmas blues!"

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Camp Director Tote ($55)

"This is such a cute bag and such a vibrant color that will pop during the dreary Winter months."

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Comedy Hour Dress in Solid Red ($120)

"Because this dress looks like something Lucille Ball would wear, and she is obviously my comedy idol."

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Chromat O Ring Swim Cage ($79)

"Dreaming about how many men I could eat, wearing this!"

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Days Are Gone by HAIM ($10)

"For Christmas, I want a leather jacket and sunglasses and long brown hair and two sisters and musical talent and OK, FINE, I WANT TO BE HAIM."

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Doctor Who Over-the-Knee Socks ($14)

"Because I'm old enough to appreciate a good pair of socks and young enough to fangirl."

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Hand Painted Ghostbusters cup set ($28)

"I'm really hoping to get this hand-painted set of Ghostbusters mugs, because they're weird and cute and will help ensure none of my coffee is haunted."

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iPhone 5 Cork Hard Case Cover ($25)

"This questionably protective yet unbelievably stylish cork iPhone case is ideal for me, as it will allow me to pin the pop-up reminders that I snooze every five minutes, directly to my phone."

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As Seen on TV Fuzz Wizard Professional Quality Fabric Shaver ($23)

"I bought these for my mom and girlfriends. Dry cleaning's expensive, and sweater pills are the eye crust of clothing."

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Epiphanie Ginger camera bag ($165)

"I travel bimonthly with a camera and laptop in hand — this bag makes things way cuter, especially in business class."

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Lionel Cheese Plate ($30) and Lionel Mug ($16)

"For when you WANT to make a food pun around the holidays, but can't bring yourself to humiliate yourself out loud."

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Premium Leather Biker Jacket ($214)

"As a native New Yorker, a cool leather jacket is crucial. This jacket looks like a dream come true, especially for plus-size ladies who like to dress outside of the box . . . like me! A little pricey, but SO worth it. This is a must have for me. It's definitely going on my Christmas wish list."

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Hermès Birkin Bag ($60,000-$70,000)

"Because owning a Birkin Bag means your life is perfect!"

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Touch Me & You Die ($25)

"Enough said."

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Star-Spangled Necklace ($9,500)

"I'm nonstop obsessed with all jewelry by Finn. Especially this starry ball. I love starry balls."

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Swiss Army Giant by Wenger ($1,600)

"I don't want this — I NEED this. It would complete my collection as well as my self."

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Heirloom Recipe Card Box ($135)

"Call me old-fashioned, but a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I am enchanted with this beautifully designed recipe box from Gus & Ruby Letterpress [Portsmouth, NH]."

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Foxy Embroidered Satin Envelope Clutch ($118)

"If I had this adorable fox clutch, I might even want to leave the house! Even if I don't, it will make a great pet."

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Stick Family Decal Kit ($9)

"Dear Santa, I'd like three dozen packs, please. I'll only use one female figure but need 36 male figures to be across the windshield looking vaguely in my direction."

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Coach Leona Boot ($498)

"My gift to myself this year will be these two-in-one boots from Coach. They're a perfect mix of classic and modern."

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Chocolate Handgun ($30)

"Four guns."

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