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They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To

The Weekly World News was ahead of its time. It managed to predict a day when fake headlines and real headlines would become vritually indistinguishable. Think you can still tell the difference? Click here.

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What the Hell...

Are these two up to? Voice your opinions here.

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What editor approved this headline? I'm sure they're long-gone now. Click here to see what other publications they might be ruining.

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Is This a Subsidiary of Dress Barn?

Apologies in advance to anyone who buys clothes at Dress Barn. God bless you for not caring that marketers are comparing you, not so subtly, to livestock! And who, exactly, shops at Bare Feet Hoes? I think you know the answer. Click here to see our Sign Language contest winners, and here and here to see the runners up.

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Taxi! I Need to Go to the Emergency Room

Why, you ask? Because I merely looked at this bacon cheese and DONUT burger.

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Hope the Marriage Lasts Longer

Is it a good idea, symbolically, to make your wedding dress out of something flushable? The folks who crafted exquisite bridal gowns out of TP seem to think so. Click here for a gallery of Charming Charmin creations.

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The Internet

I'm telling you, it's the decline of Western civilization. Or at least of spelling and logic.

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They Said "Long-WiWi"!

Hehe. Channel your inner Beavis and Butthead by looking at more unfortunately hyphenated names

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