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Midwest Teen Sex Show

Nikol Hasler shoves sex-ed into the 21st century with her irreverent advice. Check out her thoughts on teens and "the older boyfriend."

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Boy Does Not Want Baby Sister

Watch this kid's priceless reaction to his mom's news that he's going to have a new baby sister.

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Behold: The Dramatic Feline

This cat gives "the dramatic chipmunk" a run for his money. Check out her star turn here.

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Cute Alert: Professor Pup

This little guy is immediately transformed by a pair of thick, dorky '70s glasses. Meet Professor Pup.

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Mo Rocca Asks "What Do Men Want?"

Are we really surprised by their inane answers?

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Suspicious Package at the Airport

Some ladies like to undress men with more their eyes. . .

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Mom Takes Skates for a Spin

Heelys are popular shoe skates. This mom is down with them, if you know what I mean. . .

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More 300 Parodies...

300 Spoofs do not get old. . .

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