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Good Advice From Moms

Moms Give the Best Advice!

When I asked you earlier this week to share the best advice your mom has given you, I found out that you guys have some very sensible mothers. So I decided to round up all the words of wisdom. And while you decide what to get for Mother's Day (we say go with flowers), don't forget to check out 10 things your mom definitely doesn't want. So without further ado, here's the advice!

Don't do anything that you'd never want me to find out about. — c4rolin3

Don't care about what other people think of you. They don't pay your bills. — soapbox

Never drive after fighting with your boyfriend. It's worse than driving drunk! — jadenirvana

If you mess with trash, you'll get your hands dirty!! Actually she says "If you mess with trash, it'll get in your eye" but I thought I'd clarify. — girlgreen

I think I most value my Mom's advice on physical intimacy. She taught me that it's something very special, and to reserve it for someone I truly love, and who loves me back. I think she's right, and her advice has made for a healthy, positive sex life. — GlowingMoon

If you want anything in life, work hard and don't depend on others to make you happy. — medenginer

Don't believe Dad. Women can and DO fart. — fuzzles

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She has taught me that my biggest duty in life is to make myself happy and not to cry for any guy. I think that's the best advice she has ever given me. She is so smart, beautiful, and just the perfect mom. She has made the mom shoes hard to fill. I love her to death. — totygoliguez

Do for others out of the goodness in your heart, and never expect others to do for you what you do would do for them, or you will be disappointed. — JazzyTummy

Unless someone caught you with it inside you, deny everything!! — Anonymous

The first time my baby got sick, she told me to drop everything and sit and hold that baby, comfort her and make sure she knew that I was there to help and care for her. It was a wonderful bonding experience and is now one of my favorite mom memories. — stephley

Never stay with a man or marry him because you think he is going to change. They never change. — Anabj

Stop worrying because everything happens for a reason, and everything will eventually get done! — Skigurl

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