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Virginia Senator Mark Warner helped Brett Wanamaker propose to the senator's press secretary, Beth Adelson, with the cutest Twitter proposal ever. Brett tweeted to Mark, "Senator: your PressSecy pays more attn to this feed than her own - can I borrow this space for a minute?" After the Senator gave the go ahead he tweeted, "Beth Ellen Adelson, will you marry me?" And she said yes!

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Isaac asked his girlfriend, Amy, to marry him with what he called "the world's first live lip-dub proposal." While she sat in the back of a moving car with headphones playing "Marry Me" by Bruno Mars, her friends and family took part in an extravagant lip-synching dance performance that led to her boyfriend popping the question.

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It's only fitting that the ubercreative photographer duo Angela and Ithyle would have such an adorable photobooth proposal.

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Breaking News

News anchor Jillian Pavlica from FOX54 in Huntsville, AL, had no idea that the "breaking news" segment she was reading from the teleprompter would be a proposal from her boyfriend, Vince.

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Redditor justmli shared his Pictionary proposal, a clever and adorable way to propose to his girlfriend on game night. His friends helped with the planning so that she got the photoshopped card with "marry me" on it. He then faked answers to her drawing until he shouted "marry me!" and she said "yeah!" not realizing she'd just been proposed to!

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Movie Theater

This movie trailer proposal has been called "the greatest proposal ever," and for good reason. Not only is it well-done, creative, and tear-inducing, but thanks to a hidden camera, we're able to watch her face as it plays. Priceless.

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Kinder Surprise

A lot of time and effort went into this Kinder Surprise proposal. But it was totally worth it! From Lori, the proposee: "Matthew painstakingly took apart the chocolate egg and replaced the toy inside with a small robot figure and illustrated instructions on how to assemble him into a tiny MatthewBot on bended knee. Also inside was my amazing ring! He then reassembled and rewrapped the egg to look virtually untouched."

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During last year's Republican National Convention, production assistant Laura Bowman got a surprise when her boyfriend, production manager Bradley Thompson, called her up to the stage to check out a "technical problem." He even arranged to have pictures of him, her, and their dog display on the big screens. She said yes.

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Splash Mountain

According to a Reddit user who was one of the guys holding a sign in this Splash Mountain proposal, the guy with the ring picture, Chris, used this hilarious photo op to propose to his girlfriend, Lindsay. So cute!

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Crossword Puzzle

Virginian Corey Newman used the actual Washington Post Sunday crossword puzzle to propose to his girlfriend, Marlowe Epstein. The puzzle included Marlowe, Epstein, and WillYouMarryMe and other personalized clues for her to decipher.

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When Dana Burck's boyfriend, Greg Hill, sent her a Groupon deal that was labeled "A Surprise For a Dana From a Greg," she was at first confused. The fine print read "Groupon entitled to no less than 15 percent of your marital bliss." Next thing she knew, Greg was down on one knee with an engagement ring in his hand.

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Sid Ceasar, a photographer from New Hampshire, made a mini Muppet movie to creatively ask for his girlfriend's hand in marriage. He made the Muppets look like himself and his girlfriend, created this video, and then persuaded a local theater to play it during previews.

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Swim Meet

Ahead of the London Olympics last Summer, US Olympic swimmer Matt Grevers had something else to be nervous about. He proposed to his girlfriend, fellow swimmer Annie Chandler, on Valentine's Day immediately following his race at the Missouri Grand Prix.

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