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Growing Trend? Divorce Announcements

We've all received engagement announcements and save the date cards for weddings, but have you ever gotten a divorce email? A recent article in Salon suggests that mass emails announcing divorces could be a trend, while other couples are breaking the news via MySpace and Facebook pages.

Some women are even hosting "divorce parties," sort of like anti-showers, where friends help recent divorcées celebrate their new futures. While some of this is tongue-and-cheek, other examples are very serious. For all the juicy details,

Nora Zelevansky, the author of the Salon story, writes:

Recently, my boyfriend Andrew opened a mass e-mail from his friend George, with the generic subject heading: "Please Read." Expecting a forward about the latest dangerous cold medicine or recalled cat food, Andrew was shocked when confronted instead with a deeply impersonal divorce announcement. Having left his fabulous 30-something wife for a younger woman, George expressed sadness about the relationship's dissolution and (to undisclosed recipients) sincere gratitude for years of camaraderie. ...

Andrew and I unwittingly bore witness — along with a larger anonymous group — to this relationship's public demise, just as we had watched our friends seal their bond from a pew at their wedding years before.

The article goes on to quote Jill Conner Browne, author of The Sweet Potato Queens' Wedding Planner/Divorce Guide, who says: "Sending out divorce announcements is tacky, but it's funny tacky, so it's a good thing." But sending a mass email rather than a personal note, she says, is just plain tacky.

I'm inclined to agree: After a breakup, I like to email or call my friends individually to explain the news. What do you think about mass emailed divorce announcements?


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