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Guess Who?

Guess who is an undercover(s) news junkie?
I’m addicted to reading The New York Times and the New York papers and what’s going on election-wise. There’s almost too much news in a sense. I’ll tune into it. I like Chris Matthews, I think he’s pretty good. He goes in. Some of the other guys are pretty funny. Sean Hannity, he’s hilarious, this guy’s, uh, interesting. News in general, I mean, even CNN, it's disappointing to see that. If you go to Europe, and you’re going to watch the BBC, your getting news. And you don’t need to have a neon sign saying, “I’m Wolf Blitzer and here, flashing on the screen." I grew up with Walter Cronkite and I felt much safer in the knowledge that I was getting what was happening in the world in that hour than I get from any of these guys.

Guess Who?

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