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Guess Who's Sportin' a Creepy 'Stache?

Guess Who's Sportin' a Creepy 'Stache?

With that mustache he's been rocking lately, could Brad Pitt be gunning for another Playgirl magazine cover? He's not the only one: Celebrities seem unusually drawn to mustaches lately. Brad wears it well, but sometimes the result is a little too "I've got some candy for you" creepy. So can you match the 'stache with the man?

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Which big movie star goes for bold 'n' bushy?

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Which pretty boy tries to man up with a little scruff?

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Which silver fox has a matching silver 'stache?

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Which musician looks like he got too lazy to shave on the tour bus?

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Which media personality is trying for the Ron Burgundy look?

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Which funny guy has some funny-ass facial hair?

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Which lovely lad accessorizes with a scarf and a 'stache?

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Which occasional action star has some chin fuzz to go with his fuzzy lip?

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Which indie guy's upper lip is taking cover?

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Which actor is shedding his teen TV past?

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