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Happy Birthday Darwin — Do You Believe in Evolution?

Darwin's fit theory of evolution has managed to survive 200 years after his death. Today, it's alive and well not only in the classroom and research labs, but also in neuroscience, literature, the dating world, and even religion (haven't you heard of evolutionary evangelists?). In fact, today's Vatican admits that Darwin's theory of evolution should not have been dismissed, as it is compatible with the Christian view of creation.

This week prominent scientists and religious leaders joined forces to call for an end to fighting over Darwin's legacy. They said militant atheists were turning people away from evolution because they use it to attack religion. The group also urged creationists to accept Darwin's theory.

Darwin maintained that all life evolved from a common ancestor. In On the Origin of Species, Darwin posited that organisms best suited to their environment would be the ones most likely to reproduce. Thus they would spread their beneficial traits to the next generation, until an entirely different organism resulted over time.

In honor of its father's 200th birthday, tell me do you subscribe to the theory of evolution?


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