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He Ended the Date with a Kiss on the Cheek, Now What?

Dear Sugar
I have been chatting with someone online for a little over a month, we decided to meet and spend the day together. I think we both had a great time, a lot of laughing and talking, things seemed to flow pretty smoothly and I think we were both very comfortable around each other.

So my question is, we ended the day with a hug and that we should definitely get together again, but what does that mean? Is it a good thing or a bad thing that we didn't kiss, or that we didn't set a specific time for our next date? How long should it be before I hear from him or should I be the one to call him? --Expecting More Elizabeth

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Dear Expecting More Elizabeth--

From what you have told me, it sounds like you had a great first date! Since that was the first time you have met face to face, I think getting along, laughing and maintaining a flowing conversation is the most important part of figuring out if you have a connection. Did you feel a spark? Were you attracted to each other physically?

Your date acted like a perfect gentleman by ending the night with a hug versus a kiss, so I wouldn't read too much into it-- remember, we all move at different paces! Give it a couple of days, if you don't hear from him and are up for making the first move, give him a call. Tell him how much fun you had with him the last time you hung out and suggest getting together this weekend, or next week for lunch or a drink.

Trust your instincts here-- if you felt a connection and think he feels the same way, take a chance and put yourself out there. What do you have to lose? Good luck!


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