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He Wants a Break, Should I End Relationship?

"He Wants a Break — Should I End It?"

This question is from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

I've been in my current relationship for nearly two years with a wonderful guy. We've been discussing marriage for a little over a year, with him just not ready. For the past few months it seems he has shut down in the relationship. Won't make decisions, rarely expresses emotion about spending time with me or talking to me, isn't excited about the prospect of marrying me, and has stopped sharing his views on things. I asked to take a step back a few months ago, back to dating. But he didn't want to and I ended up settling with an ultimatum, propose by our two-year anniversary in March or I would rethink the relationship, he agreed.

All we do is argue now, about stupid things, and I'm so irritated with him for not taking a stand on anything, and making me make the decisions on everything (ie: dinner, what to do, etc). Finally, I decided not to see him this weekend, and he agreed, for the first time ever. He now wants a break and some time to find himself again, he doesn't like who he's become and wants to figure out why he isn't acting like the man he thought he was. He still wants to stay exclusive but not see each other as often. I stated he wasn't being clear on exactly what this means, how long this will be, or what he wants so we decided to meet face to face tonight to discuss it. I am trying to be realistic and calm, but ultimately I'm afraid it would be best to end the relationship.

This is a hard decision, he is probably the best man I've ever known other than my grandfather. He has stuck by me through things an ordinary man would not have and I don't want to lose that. I believe that if we were going to move forward in our relationship he would have made that happen. And I am also angry that I have to be the one to end things, I think he should be the man and do it, but he doesn't want to lose me either. We do love each other, that's never been a problem. I just need a commitment to grow any further with him and he seems unwilling to do so. What do you think? Should I end things or give him his time?

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