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Headline: John Edwards Announces End to Campaign

John Edwards has just formally terminated his campaign in New Orleans. He began this, his second White House bid, in New Orleans a little more than a year ago. He kicked off his campaign by announcing in the middle of the Ninth Ward his quest to end corruption in Washington on behalf of the dire and downtrodden.

Speaking again today from the Ninth Ward, after a disappointing third-place finish in his home state of South Carolina last weekend, Edwards dropped out, saying this of his crusade to help those who he says government has forgotten:

"We didn't turn our heads. We turned and looked them straight in the eye and said we hear you. We see you . . . and we will never forget you."

Credited by some as the force that brought specific policy discussion to this campaign, his presence certainly shaped the discussion and will continue to affect the outcome.

Do either the Obama or Clinton campaigns show the potential for compassion that was the hallmark of Edward's bid? What will the campaign be lacking without Edwards willingness to fight for those who struggle? Will Edwards disappear, or do you think he will endorse a candidate? If so, who?!

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