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Are High Gas Prices Getting You on the Public Bandwagon?

While gas prices break records, so do ridership rates on public transportation systems across America. The New York Times reports that the biggest increases are seen in areas with a significant driving culture, such as the South and West.

Mass transit systems are having trouble coping with the masses. Rising fuel costs hit the systems hard, and the economic slow down means less funding from sales tax receipts. Thus, there is not enough money to put more buses on the street. Even so, people are opting for the standing room only services.

American bicycle shops are also reporting stronger business so far this year. A record number of commuters are expected to participate in Bike-To-Work Week and Bike-to-Work-Day (May 16th).

So, what about you? Have gas prices caused you to change your transportation habits? Do you think high gas prices could eventually motivate Americans (and their cities) to ditch their cars and develop efficient mass transit?


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