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Hillary Clinton: Ohayou Japan, Oh No North Korea

Hillary Clinton has kicked off her trip to Asia (and her first trip as Secretary of State) after arriving in Japan Monday. When she landed in Tokyo, Hillary wasted no time in emphasizing the importance of the US-Japanese alliance.

One Asian country not on the itinerary — North Korea — will surely be discussed during her trip. This week the isolated country hinted at its intention to launch a ballistic missile capable of hitting the US. Clinton commented on the development yesterday, saying the US expects North Korea to dismantle its weapons as it's agreed to but that the country also has a right to peaceful space development.

Clinton will also be making a stop in China. Before leaving for Asia, she asserted that the US would "not be shying away" from human rights issues, but noted that it would be one topic on a very broad agenda.

It sounds like Hillary Clinton has a lot of work ahead of her.






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