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Hillary Wins Pennsylvania, The End Game Is Redefined

Hillary managed to escape the “demilitarized zone” by grabbing a genuine 10 point victory in Pennsylvania. Still, it’s not quite obvious where this thing will go. I predict three possibilities, which seem to depend not on the margin of victory, but on how much Hillary can fundraise.

  1. Hillary could go out on this win, blaming her exit on being outrageously out-fundraised by Barack.
  2. A significant amount of superdelegates, fearful that Clinton will operate a “scorched earth” campaign by taking this thing to the convention, will come out for Barack who leads in the pledged delegate count.
  3. Hillary will get a fundraising surge, and push for Florida and Michigan votes to be factored in. That, with some good showings in North Carolina and Indiana, will help her make the argument that she won the popular vote, or that she is more electable than Barack.

Like Super Tuesday and Junior Super Tuesday, I think the Pennsylvania primaries will be a wash. The goal posts will be moved further back, and what is needed to win the nomination will again be redefined. What do you think? Hillary won the contest, but does she win the spin?

To see Citizen's reaction,


Citizen: My question isn't if Hillary has won the spin or even if she has a chance to go all the way, it's why can't Barack Obama wrap this up? If everyone is as gung-ho "yes we can," as we're meant to believe, why did he lose last night? And in a huge pivotal state like Pennsylvania?

I think I'm having a Hillary Renaissance. I'm thinking back on the coverage of her campaign over the past six weeks, and I'm seeing a pretty harsh hand. The Bosnia misspeak? I hardly think it was the malicious deed we've been conditioned to think it was. And I'm done holding Bill's . . . tongue against her. I just don't know that I'm willing to swallow the Hillary-as-Devil or Lady Loser trope the media would like us to consume. I say bring on Indiana and North Carolina! Heck, even my little home state might get to have a say!

My only real concern is if the Democrats rage on, McCain stays out of the fray and might have a hard time inspiring campaign contributions in his idyllic solo sojourn.

How do you think the next few weeks will play out? Are there going to be big superdelegate announcements? A big shake up?


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