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His Sweat Tells a Woman He's "In the Mood"!

His Sweat Tells a Woman He's "In the Mood"!

I've heard that some women love how their man smells after he works out, and it turns out that musty aroma might be telling you more than you think. According to a recent study, the scent of a man's perspiration can subconsciously tell a woman that he's "in the mood."

Researchers in this study asked 20 heterosexual men to stop wearing antiperspirant and other scented products for a few days. Then (this is a funny image!) they asked the men to put pads in their armpits while they watched pornographic movies so the scientists could gather their sweat. Afterward, they were asked to place pads under their armpits so sweat could be collected when they weren't aroused. Nineteen brave women's brains were scanned as they sniffed these pads and lo and behold, their brains reacted to the sweat produced when the guys were turned on. I guess we have a little animal instinct in us after all!

What do you think? Are you turned on by your man's sweat when he's aroused?


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