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Holy Carp! Nun Landlords Sue Tenants For Fish Smell

The owners of a NYC apartment building have filed a lawsuit against their tenants who continue to stink up the place when they cook large quantities of fish. These landlords seeking relief from the smell have a special connection to another Lord — they're nuns!

In the lawsuit, the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart Inc. allege that the defendants produce smells "similar to that of vomit or rotten meat." In fact, one resident worried that a dead body was decomposing and called the authorities!

The nuns have asked the court to make the fish-fryers stop producing the orders, while also paying the nuns' legal fees and damages of at least $50,000. Do you think a court can determine what smell should be illegal, or is it too subjective? While it seems reasonable to ask neighbors to stop making your place smell like vomit or a corpse, I wonder if they should pay thousands in damages.


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