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30 Snaps of Smokin' Hot Shirtless Aussies (You're Welcome)

Jun 30 2014 - 11:00am

One ticket to Australia, please. A new survey found that Australia has the sexiest men [1] in the world, and really, the proof is in the pudding (or in this case, its army of shirtless [2] wonders). From its Bachelor stars Tim Robards and Blake Garvey to its ripped Olympians and, of course, actors like True Blood's Ryan Kwanten, while the land down under may be known for having some of the nicest people on the planet, it's also home to some of the hottest. For further proof, we've rounded up the sexiest shirtless snaps of Australia's hottest men, from athletes to models to singers to actors, for your viewing pleasure. Cheers!

Source: HBO [3]

Rhys Howden

We've got a major crush on this water polo Olympian.

Rhys Howden

Because, obviously.

Liam Hemsworth

Oh hey, good lookin'!

Liam Hemsworth

There are zero reasons Liam Hemsworth should be in that pool solo.

Source: Gaumont [4]

Blake Garvey

Blake Garvey was just announced in May as the second star of The Bachelor Australia. A Facebook user posted this picture on The Bachelor Australia's official page [5] with the caption: "Best topless waiter ever!!!"

Source: Facebook user Alexis Jackson [6]

Tim Robards

Tim Robards was the first star of The Bachelor Australia. Here he is in his underwear. Did we mention he's an underwear model?

Tim Robards

Tim Robards was also a shirtless [7] waiter before landing his gig on The Bachelor.

Tim Robards

Lookin' fine doing yoga.

Source: Facebook user The Bachelor Australia [8]

Tim Robards

Running on the beach is always a photo shoot when you look this good.

Source: Facebook user The Bachelor Australia [9]

Tim Robards

Always gotta have that shower shot.

Source: Facebook user The Bachelor Australia [10]

Tim Robards

And here he is telling men everywhere how to get his bod.

Jake Wall

The hair, that smile, those abs — what's not to love about this dreamy model?

Jake Wall

One front-row seat to see him strut his stuff, please!

Thomas Whalan

Couldn't you just stare into this water polo player's eyes for days?

Ryan Kwanten

The actor plays a ladies' man on True Blood, and it's pretty easy to see why.

Ryan Kwanten

Abs. All we see are actor Ryan Kwanten's abs.

Jordan and Zac Stenmark

Twin models Jordan and Zac Stenmark are definitely double the fun.

Source: Facebook user Jordan & Zac Stenmark [11]

Jordan and Zac Stenmark

What we wouldn't give to trade places with this lady.

Source: Facebook user Jordan & Zac Stenmark [12]

James Magnussen

Swimmer James Magnussen can flex for us any time.

Andrew Maciver

A hot guy who works out with his best friend? Model Andrew Maciver checks all the right boxes.

Source: Instagram user amaciver [13]

Hugh Jackman

Sure, he has claws for hands, but Hugh Jackman [14] makes being a wolverine look damn good.

Billy Miller

Thank you to whoever put this Olympian on the water polo path — swoon!

Chris Hemsworth

Talk about good genes. Just like his brother, there's plenty to swoon over when it comes to actor Chris Hemsworth.

Sam Ludeman

This is what Sam Ludeman's résumé looks like: singer, songwriter, actor — oh, and hottie.

Source: Instagram user samludeman [15]

Aidan Roach

Olympian Aidan Roach is a water polo player and definitely has the bod to prove it.

Alex O'Loughlin

Yes, Jennifer Lopez [16], we too surrender to actor Alex O'Loughlin's body.

Alex O'Loughlin

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but Alex O'Loughlin is the only catch.

Eamon Sullivan

Swimming Olympian Eamon Sullivan takes Speedos from silly to sexy.

Tim Omaji

Singer Tim Omaji, aka Timomatic, is all kinds of "let's fly off together in a private jet" steamy.

Source: Instagram user timomatictheone [17]

Jeff Horn

Jeff Horn is a boxing Olympian and, quite frankly, a knockout.

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