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Video: What Your '90s Heartthrob Crush Says About You

Titanic is back in theaters after 15 years, and this time around we'll get to see a young Leonardo DiCaprio in 3D. If lovesick Leo wasn't your thing in the '90s, maybe you liked popular guy Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell? Or were you more of a witty Jonathan Taylor Thomas fan? Find out what type of girl you were in our special, What Your '90s Heartthrob Crush Says About You!

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Leonardo DiCaprio was one half of two of the most iconic movie couples in 90's in Romeo and Juliet and Titanic. Give me your hand. He was so good-looking with his long blonde hair, pretty baby face, and his gorgeous blue eyes. And he delivered the sweetest line in each movie. You jump, I jump, remember? I can't turn away without knowing you'll be alright. Every girl watching wanted him to be their boyfriend. Juliet is the sun. If you like Leo too then you are a hopeless romantic. Jonathan Taylor Thomas, or J.T.T., was on tons of teen magazines in the 90's due to his role as witty middle child Randy on Home Improvement met. So, Michelle, do you want to dance? Yeah, sure, thanks for asking. He was just as smart as he was funny. So, if you had a crush on him, you were probably that good student who thought being intelligent was really sexy. Rider Strong is best known for playing Shawn Hunter, Boy Meets World resident bad boy. You ran away, didn't you? She gets that from me. He always looked hot in his leather jacket, and while he got into some trouble over the years, he was always very loyal to Corey. You're my best friend man, you just gotta loosen up. If you were into Rider like me, then maybe you liked a bad boy with an edgy side. In the late 90's Justin Timberlake was the stand-out member of 'N Sync. I am down on my knees. I can't take it His blond curls and sexy moves could have gotten him any girl in the world, but he only had eyes for childhood sweetheart Britney Spears. I just want to say, I like Britney Spears. If JT was your idea of perfection, you probably loved being the center of attention just as much as you liked showing off your committed side. Mark Paul Gosselaar played Zack Morris on Saved by the Bell, the quintessential all-American popular guy. He was athletic, a natural leader, into music, and he wasn't like any of the other guys. He had that cell phone, and he could stop time. Time out. Mr. Belding wants to leave us his car for the weekend? He will take Eric for a ride in more ways than one. Time in. On screen Zack always had a thing for Kelly Kapowski but off screen Mark Paul actually dated all three of his female co-stars at different times. Do you love me or not? If Mark-Paul was your go-to guy in the 90's, you were probably a social butterfly who thought flirting It was really fun Johnny Depp was already in his 30's when he took on memorable roles in Edward Scissor-hands and what's eating Gilbert Grape in the 90's but he still had all the makings teen hearthrob. Oh, my God. Not only was he handsome but he was mysterious and sensitive and he had an act for making unconventional character, sexy. Goodbye. If you were into Johnny, you were probably the shy, artsy type who wasn't afraid of a guy with a darker side.

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SPN·Winchester SPN·Winchester 3 years
I lick Johnny Depp
amber512 amber512 3 years
Devon Sawa was my first crush.  JTT of course, Ryder Strong, Leo, pretty much all of them!
danakscully64 danakscully64 3 years
Jonathan Taylor Thomas. I'm still a fan to this day. I'd tap that.
Nancy-Einhart Nancy-Einhart 3 years
Johnny Depp then, now, 4-ever.
rake1 rake1 3 years
JOHNNY DEPP ALWAYS!!! I loooooooooove HIM!!
1317804 1317804 3 years
MSucre MSucre 3 years
Ryan Philippeeeeee?
Annie-Gabillet Annie-Gabillet 3 years
JT is hot in Tearing Up My Heart.
Angelica Angelica 3 years
Johnny and Leo for ever! (Cute video!)
Karli-Mullane Karli-Mullane 3 years
I loved Leo then, and I love him now — can't wait for Titanic in 3D!
Nobozo Nobozo 3 years
Except for 30 year old Johnny Depp, these guys are jail bait.
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