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The How-To Lounge: Avoiding Whisker Burn

I had a woman write into me asking a very common question: how do you avoid whisker burn from kissing a man with facial hair?

For some tips on how to treat it and prevent it,

  • Stubble can be painful if it's short, so tell your man to go easy on the kissing if he is in the midst of growing out his beard
  • Remember the longer his beard, the softer it gets so hang in there
  • Be sure to moisturize. If your face is already dry, his stubble will irritate your skin even more - so stay hydrated and moisturized
  • If you do get whisker burn, soothe it with aloe just as you would a sunburn or use a healing ointment like Aquaphor to heal your dry and irritated skin - it's a miracle worker!
  • If you're with someone that likes to keep his beard short and scruffy but you can't get used to it, he is going to have to weigh his options!
    • If any of you women out there have this same problem, please share your secrets below!


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