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The How-To Lounge: Cleaning your Jewelry

With all the lotions and soaps women use on a daily basis, our jewelry can get really dirty. Here are some tips to help clean your jewels in a safe way.

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  • Before you clean your jewelry, make sure there are no loose stones or settings
  • For diamonds, gold and gem stones, use a nonabrasive cleaner, which can be purchased at any jewelry store or a simple mixture of mild soap and warm water will do the job just as well
  • Dip your jewelry into either solution and use your fingers to wipe your pieces clean. Rinse with warm water, and I highly advise you to plug your sink just to be safe!
  • Buff dry with a soft cloth until sparkly clean!
  • For silver pieces, simply use a nonabrasive silver polish. Dab the polish on a soft cloth and wipe your jewelry clean
  • Keep in mind that the more you wear your silver jewelry, the less tarnished it will get
  • Do not get pearls wet - it's best to wipe them with a damp cloth
  • Jewelry designer Temple St. Clair has a great home remedy that she swears by to clean her precious gold, platinum, silver, and gem stone pieces: mix 1/4 tablespoon of ammonia with 1/2 tablespoon of mild dishwashing soap. Soak the jewelry for a few minutes and gently polish with a soft bristled toothbrush and rinse clean
  • Rumor also has it that Windex works wonders when shining up your diamond ring

If you have any other great DIY remedies, please share them below!


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