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The How-To Lounge: A Great Morning

A good morning really does pave the way for an even better day, but somewhere between the sound of the alarm clock blaring and arriving at your daily destination, more than a few things can go wrong. Before you know it you’re lying in bed again, dreading the next day! So to avoid this cycle, I have some pointers for how to set yourself up for a great morning. To see them just


  • Most of us naturally establish a morning routine out of necessity, but streamlining that routine can go a long way in creating a more efficient and ultimately, more successful morning. If you pack a lunch for work, save time by doing it the night before. Or pick out your outfit the night before. A few small changes can make a big difference in turning a typically hectic morning into an easy one.
  • Much of the franticness of a stressful morning comes from not having enough time. While planning ahead helps, so does giving yourself 10 extra minutes. Set your alarm clock early for one week, and see if you don’t find yourself significantly more relaxed. Plus, 10 minutes less sleep really is doable.
  • For many people, exhaustion plays a detrimental role in a morning routine. When you’re sleepy, everything just seems more difficult. If you find yourself struggling to get up everyday, it may be time to start going to bed earlier. If you struggle falling asleep, try increasing your daily exercise routine.
  • Though caffeine can be helpful when you’re in desperate need of a quick boost, you’ll get far more energy out of a meal. Even if it’s as small as a slice of toast with peanut butter, it’ll go a long way in getting your mind ready for the day.
  • It’s true that there are only so many things we have control over in creating a positive morning. We can’t fix a terrible commute and there’s not much you can do about the work that lies ahead of you. But setting aside a few minutes just before bed to organize yourself and clear your head can make a huge difference.

Nothing ruins the potential for a good day like a rough morning. Taking the time to create a successful morning will go a long way in establishing a happy and productive work week.


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