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The How-To Lounge: Making a Difficult Decision

I consider decision making a skill that you have to hone, much like public speaking. No matter how smart, self-assured, or strong willed you may be, when it comes to confidently making a big decision, it requires an entirely different set of tactics. But fortunately, being more decisive is something that can be improved with just a little dedication and a lot of practice. If you find yourself more indecisive than not, just


  • While some decisions can feel overwhelmingly momentous, unless you’re a surgeon or the president, it’s not a life or death matter so don’t approach it like that. Of course a major decision should be made seriously, but it’s OK to detach yourself from it a bit — it may help you to act more rationally.
  • As you’re working on changing the way you approach your choices, consider the fact that there probably isn’t a wrong choice. Certainly each has its positives and negatives, but in most scenarios a decision is simply a choice to do one thing over another, and not a matter of right or wrong.
  • With that said, some people do find comfort in creating a pro and con list to help look at their options more objectively. It can also be helpful to ask various people what they would do in your situation to explore every scenario. But remember, you have to make the final call, so use their thoughts as a tool, not as an answer.
  • Making a difficult choice can be rather terrifying, but don’t let fear hinder your decision-making abilities. As long as you embrace your decision whole heartedly, even if it turns out not as you'd hoped for, you’ll still come out on top.

Always keep in mind that indecision is a choice in and of itself, and though it may be the safe choice, it’s very rarely the right one!


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