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The How-To Lounge: Making the Most Out of Your Weekend

I think we all can agree that when you work or go to school full time during the week, the weekends become sacred. But even so, sometimes the dread of going back to work or exhaustion from the week makes it hard to take advantage of the weekends properly. I know I’ve been guilty of this once or twice before, so check out my advice for making the most out of your weekend,

  • Don't dwell on Monday! Monday is going to rear its ugly head no matter what, so you might as well enjoy the time you have before it rolls around again, and deal with Monday when it comes.
  • During the week, keep a running list of all the things that fly through your mind that you can’t get to because of work. It can be anything from errands to the title of a movie you’ve been wanting to see. First thing Saturday morning pull it out and start getting things done.
  • Make plans for Friday night, no matter how tired you are. It doesn’t matter what you do, just do something to keep yourself from getting stuck in a weekend rut.
  • Do one thing just for you. Go out and get your favorite espresso drink or settle into a great book for two undisturbed hours. Taking time out to rejuvenate yourself will prep you for a fun night, and help you bear the thought of a long work week ahead.
  • Get outside even if it's only for a bit. Fresh air works wonders, especially if you're stuck in doors the rest of the week. Take some time to enjoy nature — walk to the little park down your street or go for a long hike with your BFF.
  • Try beginning either Saturday or Sunday with a physical activity. If you like to work out, hit the gym in the morning. If that’s not your thing, just trying taking a walk or cleaning your room. Getting stuff done first thing helps pave the way for a productive day.

Most importantly, have fun — whatever your idea of fun may be!


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