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The How-To Lounge: Making New Friends

In the unending quest to meet new people, making a new friend seems the most elusive, especially when you've hit the point where quality is always more important than quantity. If you're in need, see my ideas for making new friends when you


  • Take every opportunity to get out there and socialize, but keep in mind that you're more likely to meet new friends in situations that involve actual woman-to-woman interaction, like a BBQ, birthday party, or a recreational sports league.
  • Though most women I know aren't inclined to come right out and say that they would like to be friends with someone, I've never met a girl who wasn't receptive to a new friendship if another woman initiated it. Don't be afraid to pass out your number or ask for someone else's, it can be as easy as making a tentative plan to see a new movie that's coming out!
  • That said, everyone likes their personal boundaries maintained so don't come on too strong. She may get the wrong vibe if you text, call, and send her an email all on the same day. If she wants to be friends, it won't take more than one phone call or email to get the ball rolling.
  • Look to your current friends for opportunities to widen your circle. If she's a friend of your friend, you can at least be sure that she's someone worth getting to know. Plus, it's always easier to make conversation when you have a common connection.
  • Work is often the best place to meet someone new because not only do you share similar interests, but you see each other day in and day out. It's always important to stay professional, but great friendships can be born out of a job so don't be afraid to grow an office friendship into something you can enjoy outside of work as well.

Just like in the dating world, making new friends means putting yourself out there, but certainly the results are worth the effort.


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