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The How-To Lounge: Public Transportation Etiquette

Since everyone is now contributing a little bit more to living a green lifestyle, more and more people are using public transportation. Of course we all love the comfort of our own car, but let's be honest, mass transit isn't all that bad if every passenger practices proper public transportation etiquette.

To see the do's and don'ts,

  • Always give up your chair to the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women, or children. It is infuriating when people do not follow this rule
  • If you are traveling with a lot of bags, keep them in your allotted area. Other people's stuff invading your territory can be incredibly irritating
  • If you see that the bus or train is crowded, immediately move to the back so more people can get on
  • Try not to crowd the doors so people can have easy entering and exiting access
  • Don't eat or drink on public transit. If the bus or train suddenly stops or swerves, your coffee could go flying and spill on your neighbor
  • If you're sick, cover your mouth if you sneeze or cough. Public transit is a breeding ground for germs so be sure to wash your hands thoroughly when you get to your final destination
  • Talking on the phone is the biggest no no when taking public transportation and a specific pet peeve of mine. No one wants to listen to your drama on his or her way home from work
  • When you're traveling with a friend, don't talk too loud and don't say anything you wouldn't want advertise over a loud speaker -- you never know who is traveling with you
  • When listening to music, keep the volume at a happy medium. There's nothing worse than overhearing multiple iPods at the same time
  • Primping should be done at home. Don't do your make up, clip or file your fingernails or brush your hair when on the bus or train
  • PDA on public transit is hands down just a no no. Holding hands and a peck goodbye are acceptable, but making out should be kept behind closed doors

These simple rules may seem obvious to some, but others need a push in the right direction, so I hope my tips help. Safe travels!


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