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The How-To Lounge: Turning Around a Blow-Out Fight

Sometimes a blow-out fight with your boyfriend can be a blessing in disguise. For some helpful tips on how to turn a fight into a learning experience, click here to

  • Fighting after you've been drinking is a sure fire way to have a blow out, so if you can, avoid pushing each other's buttons until the morning.
  • It's easy to talk in circles, especially when you're not seeing eye to eye on the issue at hand, so instead of debating until you're blue in the face, simply ask your boyfriend what it is you're missing or walk away to get some breathing room.
  • It's easy to get mad at someone, but getting to the deeper root of the problem is sometimes more difficult. If you have recurring arguments, get to the root of the issue once and for all. Knowing what the sore spot is will help you understand each other more and will help avoid future blow outs.
  • Admit when you're wrong. The power of a simple apology is extremely underrated so when you're in the wrong, own up to it; I guarantee he will appreciate it.
  • Although fighting is serious, breaking the tension if the timing is right is sometimes necessary. Don't mock or undermine the argument, but making a joke will prove that your relationship means more than simply winning an argument.
  • You really get to see someone's insecurities during a fight so talk about them with each other in order to get to know each other even better than you thought you did.
  • Try to avoid hitting below the belt and bringing up past fights. No matter how angry you are, it will behoove you to fight fairly.

I hope these tips help!


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