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How Do I Deal With My Boyfriend's Jealousy Issues?

How Do I Deal With My Boyfriend's Jealousy Issues?

Dear Sugar,

I have a dilemma. I am 20 years old and I am a senior in college. I love to go out clubbing and partying with my girlfriends, but my boyfriend of three years hates the idea of guys coming up to me, dancing with me, talking to me, etc. even though I am not the least bit interested in any of them. How do I make him more comfortable with the idea of me going out to have fun with the girls? I am sick of arguing with him when I want to go out and I want him to see my side. Do you have any suggestions? Party Bound Patty

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Dear Party Bound Patty,

It sounds like your boyfriend is having some trust issues. Have you ever been unfaithful or is there a specific reason why he doesn't want you heading to the clubs without him? I understand your desire to spend time with your gal pals, but it sounds like you need to have a heart to heart with your boyfriend and reassure him of your love for him and your fidelity.

Let him know that your only intention at the clubs is to let loose with your friends, dance, have fun, and other guys are not part of the equation. In all relationships, I think it is extremely important to have alone time with your friends, but get to the root of your boyfriend's insecurity because a night out with your pals isn't worth ruining a three-year relationship with the man you love.

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