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How Do I Deal With My Sister's Boyfriend Always at Our Home?

You Asked: Why Is He Always Here?

Dear Sugar,

I live with my sister. She has a boyfriend, and they've been together for almost a year. At first, she would go stay at his house and he would come stay at ours on limited occasions, but now he comes over almost daily. Instead of leaving in the morning like he used to, he's been hanging around until mid-afternoon. When we first moved in together, I had no idea that I'd have two roommates, and truth be told, I'm sick of it! He eats our food, uses our bathroom, and they are always all over each other and he just takes up way too much space. Do you have any suggestions to help me deal with this situation? — Needing Space Stacia

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Dear Needing Space Stacia,

Since I live alone, I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to have an unwelcome third party always in your personal space. Have you talked to your sister about your annoyance? Even though your roommate is your sister, she still needs to respect your needs.

Try sitting her down to set up some apartment ground rules. Let her know that this is your home too and that it isn't fair to you to have someone constantly around when you don't necessarily want him there. Since her boyfriend has a place of his own, suggest they stay at his house a few nights a week. Also, if he's taking up bathroom time in the mornings, ask her to have him get ready for his day at his own home so you don't have to be put out. I advise you not to come off angry or bitter, as that will only create drama in the house. Approach the situation with diplomacy and she'll be more willing to accommodate you. Good luck!


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