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How Do You Deal With Stress?

Everyone gets stressed out, whether it be about your demanding boss, your messy boyfriend, your overdue credit card bill, or your mom always nagging about when you are going to get married. When things are stressing us out, people deal in different ways.

Here are some popular ways in which people let loose:

  • Have a drink (or 3) - this eases your nerves and makes you temporarily forget about your problems, even though you know they'll still be there in the morning. (Just make sure not to overdo it and never drink and drive!)
  • Clean - if your mind is cluttered with thoughts or problems, getting rid of the physical clutter in your office or home can ease mental clutter brilliantly.
  • Exercise - Working out gives many people a chance to exert pent-up energy, and also gives them a chance to be alone with their thoughts.
  • Talk to someone - Whether you make a lunch date with a trusted friend or pay a therapist to listen to you, sometimes all you need is to get your feelings out of your head.

If you want to hear the rest then

  • Get some "me" time - sometimes you need to get away from everyone and do your own thing. Read a book, take a bath, or write in your journal - focusing on yourself can empower and calm you down.
  • Get organized - make a list, get information, make a phone call, or do something that will help your stressful situation.
  • Go somewhere peaceful like the beach, on a park bench, or under a tree, even just take a drive -- anything to be alone and get away from what ever is bothering you.

These are just a few ways people deal with stress, so I want to know: What do you do?


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