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How Do You Know If a Guy Is Interested?

Group Therapy: Is This Guy Interested?

This question comes from Group Therapy in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

Last night I went to an art opening with some friends. The artists gave speeches about their work at the beginning of the event, and I couldn't take my eyes off one of them. He looked familiar but I couldn't figure out why. Later on in the night he was walking by me and I tapped his arm and told him how much I loved his work and that the event was great. He smiled, said "thanks" and then said, "Ashley, right?"  I was confused as to how he knew my name, but then he explained that we had actually met at a party several years earlier (we have a mutual friend).


I was impressed (and flattered) by how much he remembered about me. He knew my hometown, what I studied in college, where I had worked, etc. We talked for a good portion of the night, and I felt like we were really hitting it off. When the night started winding down I noticed that the other artists were busy taking orders from potential buyers. I made some comment about how I hoped I wasn't keeping him from doing work he needed to do, and he smiled and said "nah, I'll get to that." So, we continued talking. Later, he mentioned that he was debuting more work at a new gallery the following saturday and told me I should come by. I said that I would. Then he excused himself and said he had better join the other artists and take his orders. We said goodbye, he thanked me for coming and said, "I hope to see you at the show next week."

So, basically I left a little disappointed that he didn't ask for my number or anything. Keep reading. . .

I felt like we were hitting it off so much, but now I'm questioning whether it was all in my head. I hate the fact that the ball is now totally in my court. If I don't go next week I may never see him again... but if I DO go, I'm afraid of coming off as desperate. What would you guys do in this situation? Do you think he's interested at all, or that he was just being polite inviting me to his next gallery show? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

PS. He is single... I found this out through a friend last night.

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