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6 Things to Avoid on New Year's Eve

Dec 31 2014 - 4:00pm

New Year's Eve celebrations come in all shapes and sizes, but more important than what to do on the festive night is probably what not to do. There are numerous pitfalls to avoid Dec. 31, but we've selected six of the most important ones to look out for. Here are six things to avoid on the final day of 2014!

Overhyped Parties

I'm all about ringing in the new year in style, but if you're just going to a party because it's allegedly the hottest ticket in town, save your cash. Instead of a pricey event filled with strangers getting drunk, round up your friends for an all-night house party or couples' dinner party.

The Party Pooper

It's one thing to avoid spending hundreds of dollars on a club party that will probably let you down. It's another to be completely hated on the holiday. This year, try avoiding anyone who will bring negative energy into 2015.


If you can, take New Year's Eve off! If you can't get the night off to relax, take some PTO the next week, or at least sneak a glass of champagne.

Your Ex

Waking up next to your ex on Jan. 1 is worse than a hangover. On New Year's Eve, put aside any loneliness and focus on the future by avoiding your ex.

Unrealistic Resolutions

If you're the type to make a big list of big-picture resolutions, you may end up disappointed. Bring your goals down to size so that they're actually attainable but will still give you a feeling of accomplishment.

Pressure on the Midnight Kiss

It's OK to be confident and excited about your midnight plans, but don't spend the whole night hunting down a guy to kiss. If you're single, be prepared to have fun before and after the clock strikes 12, with or without a love interest by your side.

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