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How Much Will Each Candidate Save You in Taxes

Breaking Down the Real Tax Savings Promised by Candidates

WIth the only things certain being death and the T-word — and Liberty's incredible breakdown of the candidate's tax plans as inspiration — I wanted to see exactly how the two candidates' tax-onomies translated, graph-style.

Three out of four voters now see taxes and the budget deficit as "extremely" or "very" important issues this campaign — right behind health care and the war in Iraq — and since both of those projects require big infusions of taxpayer dollars, knowing exactly how much you will or won't be paying says a lot about the tale of two wallets — yours, and the governments.

To see the real numbers in dollars saved,


Here's the dollar amount saved (or increase) per income bracket, per candidate:

And the percent change of income:

With the raw numbers behind it, if that's more your style.

Which plan appeals to you?

Thanks to yesteryear for her data crunching prowess! And here's a closer look at the analysis behind the numbers.


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