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How to Stay Fresh After Stepping off the Plane

Have you ever wondered how celebrities look so beautiful after long flights? Well, I certainly have! Here are some tips to help keep you looking refreshed and rested after stepping off the airplane.

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  • Cardinal rule number one: water, water, and more water. The recycled air and altitude is extremely drying so staying hydrated is key
  • Moisturize throughout your flight, reapplying hourly, and if you can, bring a face mister (Evian makes a great one) on board to keep your skin hydrated. If that isn't an option, splash your face with water before take off and apply moisturizer immediately to lock in the moisture
  • Flying dries out your hair so if you want to keep your hair full, I recommend skipping all hot tools the morning of your flight. Apply serum to your hair as well to prevent it from drying out and to prevent possible breakage
  • Avoid salty foods, alcohol and caffeine. All three will make your feet and hands swell and will make your face look puffy
  • Sleep as much as you possibly can
  • Before landing, apply a light tinted moisturizer and sheer lip gloss. White eye liner is an insider tip which will brighten up your eyes
    • I hope you find these tips helpful. Remember to always travel with a pair of sunglasses in case you can't pull it together in time to de-plane and a small mirror -- there is nothing worse than applying your make up in those small airplane bathrooms with those atrocious neon lights! Travel safe and remember -- there is no such thing as drinking too much water!

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