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How Would the World Vote?

A few months ago a Belgium newspaper wrote the following:

The American mortgage crisis affects banks in Europe. The insatiable American demand for oil makes the Arabian sheiks rich. The American refusal to care for the environment causes the North Pole ice to melt and coastal areas in Asia to flood. Hence, the world should be given the right to vote. Because the current situation is a blatant case of taxation without representation.

Today, the Wall Street Journal, took a look at how the world would vote, if it in fact had a chance. It seems support for the three candidates is divided among continents. Europe and Africa are enamored with the Kennedy-esque Obama. The Middle East is also fascinated with Obama's roots. Mexico and China are hopeful that Hillary Clinton will continue the free trade policies of her husband. France just warmly received John McCain, as he is viewed as a George Bush adversary.

It is true that American policy has global repercussions. Does it matter what other countries think about the candidates? If you're a voting American, how would you feel if you couldn't have a say in who is elected to lead the world's major superpower?


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