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I Can't Fall Asleep

I Can't Fall Asleep

Dear Sugar
I have trouble falling asleep at night. I know it has to do with stress, but I really don't want to start taking sleeping pills or muscle relaxers. I am afraid that I will become addicted. Do you have any conventional suggestions for me? Up All Night Avery

Dear Up All Night Avery
Keep a journal or a pad by your bed. When something comes to mind while you are trying to fall asleep write it down so you don't worry about it anymore. Try a hot bath, herbal tea or reading a good book. It doesn't have to be something informational or even something you hope to retain. It just has to be something you enjoy and that will relax you. Hopefully you exercise regularly also. That will tire you out physically and will also help to lessen your stress level. If nothing else works, try going to a sleep clinic to "reset your clock." You go to sleep 2 hours later each day and sleep for 8 hours. This cycle lasts for 12 days until you reach your usual sleep time again.

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