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I Can't Put The Past Behind Me

I Can't Put The Past Behind Me

Dear Sugar
I have been with my boyfriend for a year and a half. Over the course of our relationship, he's broken up with me twice. I've always managed to get him back but I'm still bitter about the break-ups. I am scared to really let myself get close to him and we never talk about marriage. Since I don't know where our relationship is going, do you think I should just end it? Hung Up Huang

Dear Hung Up Huang
If you can't get past your hurt feelings, then how can you have a successful future with this guy? You've got a choice to make. Either give it your all and see what the relationship is really made of or throw in the towel because you are afraid of getting hurt. Remember - tough decisions like these are never easy. Try and listen to both your head and your heart and you'll be ok.

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