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I Can't Seem to Get Along With My Boyfriend's Mom

I Can't Seem to Get Along With My Boyfriend's Mom

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Me and my boyfriend have been going strong for about a year and a half, but the only thing standing in the way of our relationship is his mom. I cannot seem to get along with her, and almost feel intimitated by her. I have only been around her a couple of times, only because of the way that she acts towards me. Me and my boyfriend live two hours away from one another, and when I am invited to join him and his family for the weekend, I say no without question. 

The last time I was at his house, his mom was yelling and swearing at him about how all his time is spent with me, and that it's my fault that he's never there. After she was done yelling at him, she moved on to me saying that he has responsibilitites to take care of, and that I shouldn't be his number one priority. I was afraid to say anything back to her, afraid to correct her and explain to her that he is a grown man, and that he can take care of things by himself. A couple days after that, she told him that I am cowardly, and that I am too nervous for her liking. I don't know what to say to this lady, she's really getting on my nerves to be completely honest, but I don't want to say the wrong thing because he wants me and his mom to have a good relationship, and I am willing to try, but she won't budge. 

What should I do to get her to relax and realize that I'm not a bad person, and that I would love to have a good relationship with her? How do I show her without straight up telling her that I'm not trying to take him away from her, but that I love her son and I want them to have a great relationship as well? Any advice would be great, I'm just losing my patience with her, and I don't want that to ruin me and my boyfriend's relationship.

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