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I Forbid You

Here's a post from OnSugar blog Rantings of a Single Girl.

I've always believed that relationships are made of honesty and communication. While love is a wonderful thing, it really does take more than that to make a relationship work. There are a million other things that make a relationship functional and worth being a part of.

I think trust is another one of those major things that is required in relationships. If you don't trust your significant other, then what good is that?  I've known some women who, while they trust their partner, they would rather them not do certain things. Like get a lap dance at a bachelor party. I guess it's okay to ask your significant other to not do something you are uncomfortable with. When you start forbidding them to do something, then I think it's more of a matter of trust.

I had a friend who once dated a guy who forbid her to see certain people, wear certain things, go certain places. It was a very controlling relationship. She obviously wasn't happy, so I could never figure out why she stayed in the relationship. Of course that is an extreme version of forbidding someone, but does it really matter if it's one thing or a hundred things?

I hope I'm never in the situation where I trust my significant other so little that I forbid him to do things. I just don't see that being a healthy relationship. So what do you think? Is forbidding your significant other to do certain things an okay thing to do?

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