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I Have Feelings For My Friend's Wife

I Have Feelings For My Friend's Wife

Dear Sugar
I live in the West Village in New York City and I have a very good friend that lives in the neighborhood. The problem is that he was recently married to a beautiful young blonde girl from Connecticut and I am completely in love with her. Every time I see her, I practically fall apart. I am scheduled to see them for dinner in early June with my girlfriend and I am afraid that I am going to give my feelings away in front of everybody. What should I do? Go to dinner and risk it? Or find an excuse not to go? Hopelessly In Love Luke

Dear Hopelessly In Love Luke
You must control yourself. Not only would you immediately ruin your friendship, but you'd be interferring with a young marriage. Did anyone watch Oprah yesterday? It's actually an insult to have a married man hit on you. Everyone involved gets hurt and there is usually a one sided control of power. Wouldn't you feel helpless if she started a relationship with you but then chose not to leave her husband? This is a HUGE mistake! Fight your urges and don't get sucked into the sexy allure of an affair. Cancel your dinner and make a plan to meet your friend for dinner alone. Stay as far away from this woman as possible.

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