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I Want To Help My Financially Struggling Family

Dear Sugar
My father recently got laid off from his job. I am a senior in high school and live at home with my little brother who is in the seventh grade. My mom works part time as a nurse but we are struggling financially while my dad looks for a new job.

Both of my parents are really on edge lately and it makes things around the house very tense and uncomfortable. I would like to help them in some way but don't know what to do. Do you have any advice or suggestions? Helping Hand Hannah

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Dear Helping Hand Hannah
Your parents would be so proud of you if they knew you were asking this question. Your willingness to help your family is very refreshing and I am sure they would be very touched.

Financial struggles often make people nervous and anxious, but I am sure your father is doing everything he can to look for new employment. Being understanding and sensitive of the situation is the first step. Try to cut back on your wants until your parents get their feet back on the ground.

Have you told your parents you would like to help? Try opening up the lines of communication by talking with them about the well being of your household. Perhaps babysitting your little brother and keeping the house clean would take some of the responsibility off of your parents. Also, helping with chores, grocery shopping or preparing dinner are additional ways to pitch in.

Since you are still in school, your priority should be your classes and your homework. Try to stay focused on getting your work completed so that your parents won't have to worry about your grades suffering as well. Once you talk to them about how you can help out around the house, be sure and create a schedule for yourself so that you leave enough time for schoolwork.

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