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Identigen Over the Counter Paternity Testing Kits

What Do You Think About OTC Paternity Tests?

The UK Sun had an article today about how over-the-counter paternity tests would soon be available in Britain. Little did I know that they've been legally available online in California, Oregon, and Washington since 2008.

The American kits, created by Identigen, sell for about $30 and come with cotton swabs that are to be used for taking samples from the inside of the baby, mother, and man's mouth. Once these samples are sealed in plastic bags along with $119 lab fee and a consent form, they're sent in for analysis. The results can be accessed online within three to five working days.

Although the results are supposed to have 99.99 percent accuracy, they're not allowed as evidence in court, where a more expensive and standard DNA test is required.

Some people think it's a bad idea to make this information so easily available. The person who would stand to lose most from the results, they reason, is the child who is suddenly without a father. What do you think about over-the-counter paternity tests?

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