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I'm A Single Mom and I Want More Kids

I'm A Single Mom and I Want More Kids

Dear Sugar
I recently turned 30 years old and had my first baby a few months ago. I love being a mom, even though I'm single. I want more babies but my current Baby Daddy isn't interested in more. Should I wait, hoping for him to change his mind, so my kids don't have different fathers? Or should I start looking for someone else who is more interested in continuing to build my family (e.g., my ex-boyfriend, who's been trying hard to get me back and wants kids)? Impatient Imelda

Dear Impatient Imelda
If your Baby Daddy doesn't want more kids, don't pressure him. I know that you've already got a child on your own, so why not wait to fall in love the second time around, so that you'll have love, emotional support and support raising multiple kids. I wouldn't jump back into bed with your ex just because your biological clock is ticking. Do you even love your ex-boyfriend? Don't put a child in the middle of turmoil. As far as I'm concerned, he's an ex for a reason.

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