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I'm Voting for Barack Obama

I'm Voting for Barack Obama

Today, my vote goes to Barack Obama, someone I believe has the inspirational qualities of a natural leader seldom found, but urgently necessary to elevate America's spirit. Barack Obama appeals to voters across party lines and rejects the notion that we are in a zero-sum battle against each other. With President Obama, we will no longer be constrained by detrimental dichotomies like Christian vs. Muslim, good vs. evil, Democrats vs. Republicans, black vs. white, us. vs. them. We all want to believe in a America characterized by opportunity, prosperity, innovation and leadership, and Barack Obama will help us heal as a nation and a world.

I support Barack's platform. I am for tax relief for lower income families, investing in job training, health care reform, energy independence. Barack's Iraq vote offers the starkest contrast to Hillary in my mind. He called Iraq exactly right. Barack had the clarity of judgment to see the folly of an unprovoked war, and the leadership to publicly take an unpopular position. Hillary's Iraq vote, coupled with her recent vote for labeling Iran's national guard a terrorist group, makes me fear her potentially hawkish tendencies. It's time for a fundamentally different foreign policy approach.

At last the Democrats are unapologetic and ready to confront and dispel charges of being weak, unpatriotic, or fiscally dangerous. I hope the enthusiasm surrounding the Democratic party continues to spread, and we convince all Americans that responsible progressive policies are in their interests! Even so, this has been a difficult primary season for this (formerly) undecided democrat.

One issue, universal health care, has kept me from declaring myself an Obama girl from day one. Barack's lack of mandate causes me pause. But in the end, I realize that while promises are important, what will happen once a candidate is elected is unknowable. Thus, Barack's commitment to affordable health care appeases my worries, and I am confident that he will be great leader on all important issues. I must also say that I wonder if this is my gender's one shot at breaking the ultimate glass ceiling. I admire Hillary Clinton for all she has accomplished, and the fact that she has done this as a women, against tougher odds, makes me respect her more. Nevertheless, I put my faith in future female candidates and the electorate, when I hope that it won't be long before we see another strong female candidate.

The opinions expressed here are those of the author, LibertySugar, and do not necessarily reflect the positions of Sugar Inc. Check out CitizenSugar's post for the Republican take.


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