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Warships from 10 countries are joining together to take on some of the world's most dangerous, and successful, pirates. (Can you say "arrrrrrrr" in 10 languages?) Not even the presence of US military vessels is enough to prevent these hijackers from seizing commerce ships, grabbing booting, and demanding ransoms.

Since 250 international ships use the pirate-infested waters to move goods each day, the world's trading powers worry that it could be too expensive to conduct business. The pirates also pose a threat of increased terrorism, as they use their proceeds, as much as $30 million this year, to fund more crime and extremist groups.





But officials in Somalia, which has a weak central government, have little faith in the flotilla. To see who they might hire to fight the pirates,


An adviser to the Somalian president said: "I don't think they will succeed in their attempt to scare away pirates, Bringing warships will not solve the problem unless they cooperate with local administrations affected by the scourge." Well guess who the Somalia government is thinking of bringing in? Mercenaries. And the paid-fighters from none other than Blackwater, the company at the center of scandals in Iraq, have volunteered to do the job.


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Join The Conversation
hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 7 years
No but I can say arrrrrr in the Universal language. That sounds like fun I want to go shoot me some Pirates booty.
ilanac13 ilanac13 7 years
we've been hearing about these 'pirates' for a while now that i guess it was just a matter of time before forces united to try to sort things out.
i-heart-monster i-heart-monster 7 years
I say bring in Blackwater. Bring in the nasties to deal with the nasties.
MarinerMandy MarinerMandy 7 years
I saw that a South Korean company paid them ransom. This feels like the Barbary pirates all over again! Our candidates should probably brush up on that piece of history.
True-Song True-Song 7 years
Totally torn between delight that pirates still exist and the more appropriate worry that, "The pirates also pose a threat of increased terrorism, as they use their proceeds, as much as $30 million this year, to fund more crime and extremist groups." I guess I've been brain washed by the merry, mischevious, rum drinkers from the Disney movies that leave out the raping, pillaging, and terrorism. Also, since we're calling these guys pirates, could we please call the "mercenaries" they're hiring to take them out...ninjas?
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