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Itching to Travel? Yeah, Bedbugs Are Too. . .

Because I'm a nice person, I made this picture small. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the bedbug that might just be hitching a ride back from your far-flung vacation destinations. Think I'm bugging out? I wish. Increased global travel has caused incidents of bedbugs to rise 40 percent in the UK — and it's not an isolated phenomenon. Discount airlines lure people to travel more, storing suitcases and clothes in tons of hotel rooms and bedbugs latch on from bedding and upholstery. The small blood-sucking creatures respond to body heat, leaving sufferers with itchy welts — and because the bugs can lay up to 4,000 eggs in a lifetime, they're apt to hang around, wherever their final destination.

To see what might be causing the flourishing critters,


One public advisory center said that conditions on an airplane are "absolutely right" for bedbugs to thrive, and the recent global events like the Olympics? You see where I'm going. After the 2000 Games, 95 percent of the hotel rooms in Sydney had at least one room infested. Oh, and don't think you can escape them by staying in swanky digs — according to one expert, "It is an exposure issue, not a cleanliness issue." So inspect your stuff closely before you bring any unintended souvenirs home. Shudder.


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