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Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 2

"Too Many Miami Vices" on the Jersey Shore

When the Jersey Shore guys come home from a night of "hardcore creeping," Pauly D announces they had "too many Miami vices."

But the gang's vices don't end when the clubs close. It may be the show's editing, but we can see how everything will end (badly) from minutes away. Here are just a few of the cast's fatal flaws.

  • Confusing melodrama with caring: JS runs on drama, but its lowest points — and that's really saying something — is when the cast, namely Sammi and Ronnie, tear up over nothing. Like, say, when Ronnie decides to get a tattoo, so he can feel something, and Sammi says, "I'm always there for you Ronnie." She holds his hand through the four-hour inking like it's a doomed MRI.
  • Forcing friendships: It's similar to confusing melodrama with caring, but sadder. Of course, to an extent, forcing friendship over forging it is inevitable on a reality show, but Angelina is particularly prone to it. She tells The Situation and Pauly D she loves them, while their raised eyebrows say, "I don't even like you."
  • Snooping . . . and admitting it: We've all snooped a little, but part of the deal of peeking is living with what you see. Since cell phones seem to be banned, the cast keeps a running list of phone numbers in individual notebooks. Of course, Sammi takes a gander at Ronnie's, where she finds his ex-girlfriend's name and, to no one's surprise, confronts him.

Now we await next week — when they bring their poor work ethics to their day jobs at Miami's favorite gelato shop.

Photo courtesy of MTV

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blooditsnotfunny blooditsnotfunny 6 years
HAHA I so agree about the Sammi and Ronnie tattoo ordeal. Loved it when they left and he's making a big deal over her holding his hand through the tattooing, she's like "I'm always here for you, Ronnie," as if he was just diagnosed with cancer.
laceykk23 laceykk23 6 years
thats because last season they werent so 'aware' of themselves, i think this season is boring too. sami is a fool for believing anything that comes out of that DBag ronnie's mouth.
elramos elramos 6 years
This season is super boring. The show was never great, but last season at least supplied a couple of laughs. I really don't give a crap about Sammi and and Ronnie, and the last two episodes seem to be completely devoted to their boring drama.
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