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John McCain on The View

Where in the World Is John McCain? On The View and More!

John McCain might be on cruise control until the Democrats figure out their nominee, but he hasn't been sipping margaritas on the beach by a long shot. Here's what he's been up to — and who's saying what about the Republican soon-to-be nominee.

After his time back at his day job for the Petraeus hearings, McCain sat with the ladies of The View today.

The Economist recently ran this great piece considering whether the US would elect a war hero, since the last three who've run (Kerry, Dole, and Bush Sr.) have all lost. Here's the part that got my attention:

In all his speeches, Mr. McCain urges Americans to make sacrifices for a country that is both “an idea and a cause.” He is not asking them to suffer anything he would not suffer himself. But many voters would rather not suffer at all.

I'm incorrigible, and there's tons more to see — the good and the bad, plus McCain on The View — so


Slate had two goodies on the Mac Attack: a wildly touching story about how McCain visited his friend Rep. Mo Udall in the hospital for years. It's a heart-tugger:

It was a simple act of affection and admiration, and for that reason it meant all the more to McCain. It was one man saying to another, We disagree in politics but not in life.

The other Slate piece to check out details McCain's plan to campaign deep into "enemy" territory — holding events in places where Republican votes rarely see the light of the ballot box.

There have certainly been a lot of critical things said about him recently too: regarding his position on a budget deficit and his unwillingness to rule out fighting preemptive wars.

I've got a question for all the Republicans (and McCain Democrats) out there: Are you satisfied that he will be the Republican nominee? Since the exit of all of the other candidates, some of whom were certainly more conservative than McCain, have you come to terms with him as the choice? If not, what will it take?

If you plan to vote Democrat, are you glad McCain is the opponent?

Here's a look at his time on the couch with Whoopi, Babs, and company. . . .


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